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Basic Plugin Information

Basic Plugin Information:

  • AtherysTowns
  • Lockette
    • Lockette Sign System: Lockette allows players to lock chests, doors, furnaces, and other block types using signs.
    • To lock a block: Place a sign on the block you want to lock, and type [Private] on the first line. Your name will automatically appear on the second line, indicating that you are the owner.
    • To allow access to others: Type their usernames on the remaining lines of the sign. Each line can hold one username.
    • To unlock a block: Destroy the sign, and the block will be unlocked.
  • Nucleus
    • /afk
    • /afkkick
    • /back
    • /blockinfo
    • /home
    • /homeset
    • /kit
    • /kitlist
    • /list
    • /mail
    • /mailsend
    • /spawn
    • /suicide
    • /tpa
    • /tpaccept
    • /tpahere
    • /tpdeny
    • /unstuck
    • /warp
    • /warpcategory
    • /warplist
  • TotalEconomy
    • /balance
    • /balancetop
    • /pay
    • /viewbalance
  • WelcomeRewards
    • Reward for Welcoming: When a new player joins the server, any player that types 'welcome' in chat within 60 seconds will receive a reward.
    • You will recieve the following rewards for welcoming a new player:
    • 100$
Donator Ranks Information

Donator Ranks Information:

Other Server Information

Other Server Information:

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